Why UK49s is an Exceptional Lotto Game

Why UK49s is an Exceptional Lotto Game

Features of the Game

In the UK49s lottery game, you choose a maximum of 6 figures from an overall of 49. It is the reason it is referred to as UK49s! When you are choosing your figures for the UK49s, it is not necessary for you to pick 6 numbers. The balls are practically in your court, where this lotto is concerned.

If you opt to play with just one selected number ball, this is okay; however, you will not win millions. The odds of one ball pick are 6:1 for the UK49s. It signifies that for each $1 you bet, you shall win back $6. If you bet $110 on a single number ball in this lottery game you will get back $60 plus your original $10 in case the ball is drawn.

Starting from 1 ball to a maximum of 6 balls, the odds become bigger since it becomes more and more less likely that the digits are going to be drawn together.


The history of UK49s is long. It was first started by a corporation of gambling firms to try and compete with the official government UK Lotto. The UK49s has grown steadily since its initial drawing more than 20 years back.

It is fortunate for the UK49s that the UK presents a high rate of betting shops, which led to a merger recently between two founders of the UK49s, Ladbrokes and Coral.

So, with the UK49s, you could play from the bookies. This made this lottery become a famous game. This game is affordable and the draw is displayed live throughout UK bookies.


The major advantage of the UK49s is the high draws turnaround, player control and simple odds. The high turnaround means more chances, more games, more draws and more enjoyment.

This lottery’s simple odds are presented by the draw’s simplicity. In the UK49s, the prize divisions do not change all the time and there is no rollover. Simple odds are available where you choose one ball and match one ball to obtain 6x your bet back, select two balls to match 2 balls, then get back your first bet 45x. It is that easy.

Where player control is concerned, the UK49s is exceptional. Similar to skrill casinos south africa and lottery, you can decide the number of balls you wish to play and the amount of cash you want to stake on the result.

For instance, you can play only 1 ball in the UK49s with 6:1 odds. But, it is not necessary for you to play only $1; if you want, you can play $50. With this great feature, the risk is balanced out.